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Eskaya Group Is a big Company operating in North Cyprus, Turkey and Ukraine with more than 90 employees.

The best asset of this company are its human resources who are able to take fast strategic decisions and who are also able to work actively well aware of their full responsibilities.
Eskaya Group's quality commitment is not limited to its commitment of high-quality products and services to its customers.
Eskaya Group is a family owned company which is established in 1967 and works on 7 main sectors in Turkey, Ukraine and North Cyprus.

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As Eskaya Group our history is;
Eskaya Group which is a family owned company was founded by Enver Servet Kaya in 1967. The history of our company starts with the father and continues to his son. Our group is working on 7 main sectors with more than 90 staff.

As Eskaya Group our vision is;
To be the most valuable Turkish enterprise in three aspects: employees, management practices and business portfolio. Our Group derives its strength through its business perception shaped by courage, innovation and prudence. Our vision consists of three main components:

  • To be the most preferred workplace employing the best,
  • To be an exemplary Group with its management understanding and systems,
  • To own a superior and high return business portfolio.

As Eskaya Group our mission is;
To enrich all stakeholders in Turkey and in other countries we do business in, through our innovative, courageous and prudent business understanding. Eskaya Group exists to enrich its stakeholders. The Group undertakes all its operations in line with this goal, with an innovative, courageous and prudent spirit. Eskaya is a family internalizing its countries high values and paying respect to all colours of the geographies it has a presence in.
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